Cure Auto Insurance Michigan Review 2023:Good or Worst?

Hey Car Owner, Are You Looking for an Honest Review of Cure Auto Insurance Michigan? Yes, You’ve Click on the Right Article. We will share our experience with Cure Auto Insurance, including the Insurance Policy, Price and plans, Company Background, Customer Service and Claims, Financial Strength and Stability, Pros and Cons, Digital services, and accessibility.

Auto Insurance is the most important thing for a vehicle owner because it will provide security when damaged. Cure Auto Insurance will Provide the same assurance & security if You are from the State of Michigan. But Before You Purchase any Policy, You should Informed about The Company You choose.

Our Expert Review will help you to make the right decision on Choosing The Right Cure Auto Insurance Michigan. Knowing about the Company’s Insurance Policy, Company Background, Claim accessibility, Premium Cost, Bonus or Benefits, Disadvantages, or Financial Stability is Crucial.

This article will provide all the Valuable Insight You Should Consider before selecting Auto Insurance, So Keep Reading the Review and understand Cure Auto Insurance Michigan Properly before making the Decision.

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History and founding of Cure Auto Insurance Michigan

Cure Auto Insurance Michigan

Initially established in New Jersey, Cure Auto Insurance Company grew its services to Michigan in 2020. We should closely examine the Company’s background to understand the history and founding of Cure Auto Insurance in Michigan. In this Part of the article, we are exploring the History and founding of Cure Auto Insurance Michigan so that you can know about the Insurance Company’s Background before selecting it.

Cure Auto Insurance was founded in 1990 by an economist and entrepreneur, Dr. Lena Chang. He was motivated to construct the Company because she believed that auto insurance rates were overly high for responsible drivers. The Driver with a Good & clean driving record the Company Provide cheap Auto Insurance rate, That was Her Vission.

Cure Auto Insurance follows a creative business model that ensures safe driving for everyone. The Company features a lower rate offer to customers with a clean driving record. Cure Auto Insurance Michigan has started a premiums-based setting in the Insurance Industry.

Though this Company was founded in New Jersey in 2020, Cure Auto Insurance developed its operations outside its home state of New Jersey and joined the Michigan insurance market. At that time, Michigan had the Highest Rates in the Insurance area, but Cure Auto Insurance Company helped Michigan lower the Insurance Rates significantly.

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Cure Auto Insurance came to Michigan when the state changed its car insurance rules in 2019. Now, drivers can choose how much personal injury protection (PIP) coverage they want. This Company offers them cheaper and more flexible insurance options.

Cure Insurance Michigan still sticks to its goal of providing people with affordable car insurance. They want drivers here to have reasonable rates and drive safely. Even as Cure grew, they kept putting customers first. They made sure to be transparent, fair, and helpful, just like when they started.

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Coverage Option of Cure Auto Insurance Michigan

Cure Auto Insurance Michigan has so many coverage options to match the needs of its policyholders. All coverage options are created to cover different situations such as Liability, Collision, Underinsured Medical, PIP, RR, etc. Now we discuss some Insurance Coverage options that Cure Auto Insurance Michigan Offers:

Liability Coverage

Liability Coverage is a must in most states. It covers two critical things: bodily injury and property damage. It helps pay for the harm you might accidentally cause to other people or their stuff in a car accident.

Collision Coverage

Collision Coverage is like a safety net for your car. If you’re in a crash, no matter who’s at fault, this Coverage helps pay to fix your vehicle. It’s there to get your car back on the road after a collision.

Complete Coverage

Complete Coverage is the Combination of Liability, Collision, and Exhaustive insurance. This Covarage offers complete protection for your vehicle. It also covers damage to others, accidents, and various unexpected events.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Underinsured Motorist Coverage helps you to pay Medical Bills and car repairs when you are in a Car accident. This Covarage works as a safety net for you. Though This Coverage helps pay for your medical bills and car repairs, you also ensure you’re not left with costs when the other Driver can’t cover them.

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Medical Payments Coverage

Medical Payments Coverage, known as MedPay, benefits you during medical payments. Suppose you or your passengers get hurt in a car accident, regardless of fault. In that case, MedPay helps cover medical bills like hospital fees and doctor’s visits. It’s like a helpful pillow for surprise medical bills.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)  

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is essential for You & your Passengers. It is a safety covering for you and your passengers in a car accident. It pays for medical bills and even lost wages, no matter who’s at fault. It’s there to help you recover without worrying about money.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage 

Rental Reimbursement Coverage is valuable for your car insurance policy. This Coverage covers renting a replacement vehicle when your vehicle is undergoing repairs following an accident.

Rental payment coverage is like a safety net when your car needs a fix, whether a quick fix or a little time-consuming.

Custom Equipment Coverage

Custom Equipment Coverage is a security for your vehicle upgrades. If you want to upgrade your vehicle & add some unique features or customized parts to your car, this Coverage helps protect them in case of damage or theft. It ensures that your impressive additions are financially covered, so you don’t have to bear the cost of replacing them if something happens.

New Car Replacement

If your new car is totalled in the first few years of ownership, this Coverage can help you replace it with a brand-new vehicle, not just its depreciated value.

Pricing and Discounts of Cure Auto Insurance Michigan

Affordability is essential for Choosing any Insurance company. Cure Auto Insurance offers a competitive pricing range to the Customer. This Company often gives discounts on insurance needs. Their pricing helps all drivers to protect their vehicles without wasting their budgets.

Cure Auto Insurance’s pricing differs in various driving situations and financial possibilities. New or experienced drivers can find a suitable insurance plan that meets their requirements.

Cure Auto Insurance provides a variety of discounts, such as discounts for safe drivers, multi-car policies, and good driving records. This Company also offers special discounts for students, senior citizens, and individuals who complete defensive driving courses.

Cure Auto Insurance is dedicated to making insurance affordable for everyone. Suppose you are seeking excellent Coverage at an affordable price. In that case, you can explore their pricing options and take advantage of the available discounts.

Cure Auto Insurance provides a variety of discounts, such as discounts for safe drivers, multi-car policies, and good driving records. They also offer special discounts for students, senior citizens, and individuals who complete defensive driving courses.

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Pros and cons of Cure Auto Insurance Michigan

We know that every Insurance Company has Some Advantages and disadvantages. Cure Auto Insurance Michigan is no exception. Knowing Those is important before choosing the company. In Michigan, where auto insurance regulations can be complex and premiums relatively high, weighing the pros and cons before choosing a provider is essential. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of Cure Auto Insurance in Michigan:

Pros of Cure Auto Insurance Michigan:


  • One of the Standard features of Cure Auto Insurance in Michigan is its reputation for offering competitive rates. Their Affordable Insurance Premiums Change the History of Michigan Insurance Industry. 

Personalized Service: 

  • Cure Auto Insurance is a smaller, regional insurer, which often means more customized customer service. Policyholders may find it easier to contact a local agent or customer support representative for assistance, potentially leading to a more tailored insurance experience.

Various Coverage Options: 

  • Cure Auto Insurance offers various coverage options, which help the Customer choose the Policy according to their needs. Their flexible Insurance coverage gives people the advantage of selecting this company quickly. 

Good Driving Discounts: 

  • Cure Auto Insurance encourages safe driving habits by offering discounts to policyholders with a clean driving record. The responsible drivers can save on premiums with this discount Opportunity.

Cons of Cure Auto Insurance Michigan:

Limited Availability: 

  • One of the most significant drawbacks of Cure Auto Insurance in Michigan is its limited availability. As a regional insurer, it may only operate in some areas of the state, which could limit your ability to choose them as your provider if you live outside their coverage area.

Lack of Quality Online Services: 

  • Cure Auto Insurance may not offer the same online accessibility and digital tools as some larger national insurers. This could be inconvenient for customers who prefer to manage their policies, make payments, or file claims online.

Coverage Restrictions: 

  • While Cure Auto Insurance may be affordable, it’s essential to scrutinize the coverage options. When insurance costs less (lower premiums), it can come with restrictions on what it covers or require you to pay more upfront (higher deductibles). If something terrible happens, you might have to pay more money from your pocket.

Limited Reviews and Ratings:

  •  Due to its regional focus, Cure Auto Insurance may have fewer customer reviews and ratings available for potential customers to assess its reputation and service quality compared to larger national insurers.

Innovation and Technology of Cure Auto Insurance Michigan

Insurance companies must keep up with technological advancements to provide Upgraded services and comfort to their policyholders. Cure Auto Insurance Michigan has also made some strides in leveraging technology to benefit its customers. We are going to Talk about their Technological Innovation & efforts.

  • Mobile App: Cure Auto Insurance offers a user-friendly mobile app that allows policyholders to manage their policies on the go. Customers can easily access their policy information, make payments, and view digital ID cards through this app. The app improves comfort by reducing the need for physical documents.
  • Usage-Based Insurance (UBI): Cure Auto Insurance has embraced UBI technology, which uses telematics devices or mobile apps to monitor and reward safe driving behaviour. Policyholders can opt for UBI programs, which may offer discounts based on their driving habits, such as safe speed, smooth braking, and low mileage.
  •  Online Account Management: Cure Auto Insurance provides a robust online platform where policyholders can easily manage their accounts. Cure Auto Insurance has a Good online system that helps the policyholders handle their funds. It Helps customers update their details, add or remove drivers or vehicles, and ask for changes to their policy through this platform.
  • Digital Claims Processing: Cure Auto Insurance simplifies the claims process through digital channels. Policyholders can file and track claims online, reducing paperwork and processing time. This digital approach enhances efficiency and transparency throughout the claims journey.
  • Online Quotes: Prospective customers can obtain quotes through Cure Auto Insurance’s website. This allows for quick and easy price comparisons and the ability to explore different coverage options conveniently.
  •  Customer Support Chatbots: Cure Auto Insurance employs chatbots on its website and mobile app to provide instant assistance to policyholders. These chatbots can answer frequently asked questions, guide users through various processes, and even initiate claims reporting.
  • Integration with Auto Repair Shops: In cases of accidents, Cure Auto Insurance may integrate technology with partnered auto repair shops to streamline the repair process. This can include digital estimates, online scheduling, and updates on the status of vehicle repairs.
  • Paperless Billing and Documentation: Cure Auto Insurance encourages paperless billing and documentation, reducing the environmental impact and simplifying policyholder interactions. Customers can receive policy documents, billing statements, and notifications electronically.


Cure Auto Insurance Michigan has good and bad aspects, like every Insurance company. The Positive side of the Company is that it offers affordable rates and creative coverage options, Providing budget-conscious drivers. Some customers have reported difficulties with claims processing and customer service, which can be frustrating. It’s a good or bad choice, depending on your priorities. If cost savings are your primary concern, Cure might be a good option. But if you value a smooth claims process and excellent customer support, consider other insurance providers.

[Note: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or legal advice. Consult with a professional advisor or accountant for personalized guidance.]

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